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About Us

No one wants to experience traffic accidents. This is why Sportscoat floors makes it a point to paint roads with as efficiently as possible. We value our customer's trust and work at keeping it. 

We produce a variety of line marking symbols and signs with the most sophisticated materials available today to ensure long life and durability. These can be used not only for road line marking, pedestrian crossings, and road symbols, but also in car parks and for logo designs. 

Knowing that budget is important to you, we make sure that our services are cost-effective.

Our Team

We specialise in painting lines and signs on roads and freeways, and also on other materials such as grass or turf. We provide line marking services to:

  • car parks
  • schools
  • sport centres
  • municipal offices
  • private companies for roadworks
  • highway markings 

Guaranteed to give you the best line painting service.

Car Park Schools & Playgrounds